Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to visitors of this website or those who contact Claims Legal Expert Ltd or utilise our review and solicitor recommendation service.

How Claims Legal Expert will assist you… 

We offer a range of professional and qualified services either directly or through our Professional Network.

We primarily offer our services directly to business and legal professionals such as Solicitors and Barristers who may utilise our services in connection with representing a consumer or commercial client. Where we are instructed by a law firm or other professional to carry out a service we are under their direct instruction and can only liaise with those making the request. The Solicitors and Barristers should always act in your best interest; this is a requirement of their professional body. Panel solicitors are required to comply with the Solicitors code of Conduct and Barristers must comply with the code laid down by the Bar Standards Council.

Where you use our vetting and recommendation service and subsequently instruct a panel solicitor or barrister we have recommended to you, you agree that the solicitor firm may provide us with information regarding your case, progress and result of any claim, and we may charge that law firm directly for the services they have requested from us.

Claims Legal Expert is not in any way responsible for the advice given or other work undertaken on your behalf by your solicitors’ or Barristers’ firm. Your firm will give you their independent advice about their process, service, fees, use of legal expenses insurance and any surveying, reporting or medico-legal reporting requirement, or other specialists which may be required as part of the claim process.

Solicitor firms may pay Claims Legal Expert for one or more of our services which include but are not limited to call handling, administration, support, professional reporting and other services. These fee arrangements will differ between law firms depending on the commercial agreement in place between the law firm and Claims Legal Expert. This does not affect the basis of your claim in any way.

This is important. Statute of Limitations Act gives specific time scales for you to instigate a claim after which your right to bring a claim could be time-barred. It is best to gather the evidence while memories are fresh and get the legal help when you need it most.

Claims Legal Expert is always striving to improve its service to the public

For that reason, we ask the Solicitors and Barristers to provide brief details of your file, if they choose to represent you and if so, the progress and outcome of your case. We treat this information confidentially and do not share with any third party without the specific request of your legal representative.

Law Society Accreditation 

Our panel of Solicitor firms have been approved by us and are all accredited with the Law Society.

Our panel of Barrister firms have been approved by us and are all accredited with the Bar Standards Council.

Other professionals and service providers are all vetted by Claims Legal Expert to ensure they hold the correct qualifications to offer a comprehensive and professional service in line with current regulations and legal requirements.

Contacting us 

When telephoning Claims Legal Expert we inform you that calls may be recorded and used for internal training and regulatory compliance purposes only. Our data retention policy means we do not store data for longer than is necessary for the purpose it was intended or for us to comply with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. Electronic files are stored on a cloud server. If you phone us between 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday, you will be put through directly to an advisor who will be able to answer any queries you may have. If you phone at any other time, you will be asked to leave a short message with your details and arrange for a Client Liaison Officer to call you back during the times above.

Site Information 

The contents of the website, any links or videos do not constitute legal advice and you should always consult a suitably qualified lawyer on any specific legal problem.

The site is designed to give you some information about Claims Legal Expert and some of the service we offer to our professional panel.