We are

Claims Legal Expert

Claims Legal Expert was born to provide individual bespoke logistics, administration support and combined management services to bring the countries leading service providers and experts at an accessible level to law firms across the country.

About Claims Legal Expert

Claims Legal Expert has been created to provide individual bespoke services to law firms ranging from bespoke client administration, support and management services, field logistics and process management aimed to reduce the work load of law firms and associated costs, and to support Technical Engineers and Expert Witness processes to provide Technical and/or Part 35 compliant qualified reports.

Our services combine many key features which if carried out directly by law firms or our experts on an individual basis would not be economically viable. Our understanding of the industry associated with Cavity Wall Insulation, Japanese Knotweed intrusion and mis-sold mortgage reports and our association with the country’s leading Chartered Surveyors, World energy experts, Technical Engineers, Mortgage Experts, solicitors, barristers and claims management companies, backed by our professional consumer focus approach makes us stand out ahead of others.

Claims Legal Expert are highly consumer focused and our contact centre offers a superior administration support service to assist with the process of providing substantial support to enhance the quality and content of information available to the Engineers, Chartered Surveyors and/or Expert Witnesses for the provision of a report. Reports are fully independent, and providers understand at all time their duty is to the legal process and ultimately to the court.

Where WE operate

Claims Legal Expert offers a national service. Our Experts cover the whole of England and Wales and offer additional services that cover Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our Experts have the infrastructure to be able to offer a national service above and beyond what would be reasonably expected.