Expert witness solutions for all law firms

    Expert Witness CPR compliant reporting services

    Expert witness solutions for all law firms

    Expert Witness CPR compliant reporting services

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    Claims Legal Expert provides Technical Engineer and qualified Part 35 reports to solicitors and barristers across the UK who represent consumer claims for failed cavity wall insulation; Part 35 Energy Reports associated with Cavity Wall Insulation failure; Japanese Knotweed identification, treatment and excavation reports and Chartered Surveyors reports on diminution in value caused by Japanese Knotweed, ranked in the world’s top 100 most invasive plant species. Claims Legal Expert provides individual bespoke client administration, support and management services to gather in depth information from each client and liaise with professional service providers, technical engineers and Expert Witnesses to report on the damages and losses and the provide associated costing schedules compliant with CPR 35 and Expert Witness requirements.

    Where professional services count

    Part 35 Surveyors Reports

    Claims Legal Expert work with some of the country’s leading Chartered Surveyors and Technical Engineers in these fields whose expertise and knowledge in these areas stand out above others. Reports typically come with full background supporting evidence, written and photographic evidence and typically a full on-site survey is conducted of both inside and outside of the property with an additional invasive survey services for a complete and professional service. A full costings schedule is also provided with a complete breakdown of associated costs for extraction or excavation, property repairs and/or diminution.

    Part 35 Energy Reports – CWI failure

    The report focuses on two key elements, loss of promised savings; savings that were promised on heating bills and being the main reason the consumer opted to have cavity wall insulation fitted in the first place. The report also evaluates the additional financial costs to the consumer for heating a home where cavity wall insulation has failed and because the property is damp and cold, it requires a lot of extra energy to heat the home.

    Claims Legal Expert are currently the only providers of these energy reports associated with CWI failure, given their many years of research and data collection and supported by Claims Legal Expert and their association with market-leaders in the field of building sustainability, energy performance and compliance whose client base includes thousands of service and product providers. Link that to our world-renowned Energy Expert and the level of information that goes into creating these reports, they are a legitimate and bona fide part of any Cavity Wall Insulation failure report, and law firms have a fiduciary duty to ensure these reports are included with each represented claim. Barristers opinion states Chartered Surveyors are not experts in this field and as such, a second Head of Claim should be made in this area and the cost of the reports should be fully recoverable.

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    Experts Provide

    Claims Legal Expert provide bespoke client administration, support and management services for legal professionals.

    Energy Experts provide reports on loss of promise and extra energy costs associated with Cavity Wall Insulation failure.

    Leading Chartered Surveyors provide Technical Engineer and/or Part 35 reports on Cavity Wall Insulation failure; Japanese Knotweed encroachment; and Mortgage Experts provide a range of reports relating to mis-sold and miscalculated mortgages.